Dear Friends,

The development of a child is quite impossible, unless there is an effective provision of formal education for him/her. Every one in Rajasthan and many other parts of India knows that Emmanuel Mission Schools, have gained a significant position in the education realm as they provide quality education to children. So far as the educational field of Jhalawar is concerned, Emmanuel Mission School, Jhalawar has occupied significant position among other English medium schools in 1977. The school has been progressing steadily in every field of education. Today this school has earned name and fame in the academic attainments and achievements in co-curricular activities.

It is good that you have embraced your children with the best possible education. The benefits that accrue from your decision are too numerous to mention and you have realised that obvious fact time and again. I once again thank you for choosing Emmanuel for the bright future of your children.

Your’s truly
Thomas Sam

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